The Joy Ruckus Club has put together a one-day K-Pop music festival for music fans, worldwide!

K-Pop SuperFest is a special virtual concert set to showcase K-Pop’s most celebrated artists, including AleXa, Ailee, AB6IX, BLOO, Cravity, DJ Soda, Golden Child, Heize, Jessi, Lovelyz, Momoland, The Boyz, and Rain.

Joy Ruckus Club is the largest Asian music festival in the world. A humanitarian-oriented, virtual concert series, founded by Asian Americans, and led by artists of Asian descent from all over the world, Joy Ruckus Club is a revolution in pan-Asian music.

This is the second major event put together by The Joy Ruckus Club this month. On June 13th, they are also hosting an event called I Hate Being Hated, a fundraiser for Stand With Asian Americans, created with the aim to stop Asian hate through education and entertainment.

Check out the full schedule, and buy your ticket today!

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