2016 Golden Melody Award winner for Best Female Mandarin artist Julia Peng and edgy ‘Black-Rock’ singer-songwriter Ronghao Li are both slated to be giving show-stopping performances at this years’ Golden Melody Award ceremony on the 24th of June.

Li, a notable singer-songwriter known for his unique, throaty vocals and original songwriting style has announced his excitement at being given the chance to perform at the event, saying that he has been preparing for three months for his first opportunity to grace the GMA stages.

Of the upcoming performance, he was secretive but confident in his ability to provide a show-stopping performance:

“I am currently not at liberty to disclose such information, but I hope everyone will enjoy it!”

Veteran singer Julia Peng was more loose-lipped with what she had prepared for her upcoming performance, expressing that this year her performance would be in line with an “Honourable moments” theme.

After waiting 20 years she finally took home another award at the Golden Melodies last year, and thus will be using this performance experience to express her message of perseverance to audiences.

Although this was certainly a momentous moment in her life, Peng says, “I’m still a mom, first and foremost”. Yet nevertheless, this will better enable her to present a warm and positive performance at this years’ Golden Melodies against the backdrop of scenes from the past 27 years of the Golden Melodies’ history.

The Golden Melody Awards will be presented live at the Taipei Arena in Taipei, Taiwan on the 24th of June. Red carpet will go from 5PM and the ceremony will begin at 7PM on TTV channel. The broadcast is also available live on TTV’s YouTube and various other channels around the world.