27 year old Korean singer-songwriter, rapper, and producer Samuel Seo released his new album [UNITY] on the 16th September.

The 8 track album explores many elects of jazz. Samuel’s previous releases focused on conceptualisation of his ego and identity, the main theme of the new album, as the meaning of “the unity” suggests, is about living in concord, becoming harmonised with everyone else.

[UNITY] features tracks which include the pre-released single “Jazz in My” and cover versions of his previous releases “Window” and “Float”. The single track is “Happy Avocado” uses avocados as a symbolic object, in a way of praising little things that make him happy.

The colourful music video features Samuel cook an exquisite looking meal with step by step instructions. As the chilled jazz influenced song plays.

Samual is now planning tours scheduled for the cities in Australia and Asia with a goal for a world tour. Stay tuned to his Facebook Page for more details!