Popular US streaming service DramaFever has released their exciting October schedule and we have the highlights of their programming for you to check out.

DramaFever Programming Highlights for October 2015:

October 5 – Six Flying Dragons

In a turbulent time at the end of the Goryeo Dynasty, General Lee rises to take control and become the first king as he lays the foundation for the most powerful Korean era yet, the Joseon Dynasty. After his passing, power and political turmoil abound as his ambitious heirs fight with each other and their political rivals to claim the thrown. Six Flying Dragons follows the ascension to power by the king’s fifth son, Lee Bang Won (Yoo Ah In), who is destined to become Joseon’s third king. The strikingly handsome Yoo Ah In also stars in this year’s film “The Throne,” another period piece, which is South Korea’s nomination for an Oscar in Foreign Feature Film.
Six Flying Dragons

October 8 – Because it’s the First Time – [DramaFever Exclusive]

Yoon Tae Oh (Choi Min Ho from the K-pop group SHINee) is a free-spirited college freshman who hosts his rooftop as a hideout of sorts for his five friends. Amongst this diverse group is his childhood friend, Han Song Yi (Park So Dam). As Tae Oh starts to fall for Song Yi, another friend, Seo Ji An (Kim Min Jae) starts to develop feelings for Song Yi as well. Will this love triangle be the downfall of an otherwise perfect group?
Because it’s the First Time

October 23 – Bedlam

A supernatural thriller set in a luxury apartment building which is haunted by the ghosts of its dark and violent past. Kate, who lives and works at Bedlam Heights, thinks anyone who believes in ghosts is a fool. But the surprise arrival of her troubled cousin opens her eyes to the terrifying truth.

October 23 – Jekyll

It is 2007 and there’s a new Dr. Jekyll, with an old problem – Mr. Hyde. But the pair have a deal – a body share – and an impossible life is somehow lived. What neither of them know is that an ancient organization is monitoring their every move.

October 26 – Bubblegum ­– [DramaFever Exclusive]

Starring Lee Dong Wook from the smash-hit Blade Man and Jung Ryeo Won (History of a Salesman). Four people whose lives revolve around a hospital and a radio station become close and work out their various problems together.

October 30 – Answer Me 1988

Newest installment from the Answer Me series, a highly popular romantic comedy. Starring Lee Hye Ri (Hyeri) and Go Kyung Pyo.
Answer Me 1988

Some of the biggest concerts Korean pop music has ever known!

Relive all the action from some of the biggest K-pop tours of all time starting in October with K-pop’s biggest superstars, BigBang and their friends in the YG Family. More concerts will roll out consistently in the months to come: DramaFever Kpop Tour

– October 7 – Big Bang: Tour II

– October 14 – YG Family Tour

– October 21 – 2NE1 Concert

– October 28 – G-Dragon One of a Kind

Korean Movies every Saturday:

October 3 – Love Forecast

The man that melts female hearts all over the world, Lee Seung Gi (The Producers) takes the screen with Moon Chae Won in a classic romantic tale of found love.
Love Forecast

October 10 – GROW: Infinite’s Real Youth Life

At the height of their success, this documentary tracks the beloved boy band, INFINITE, on a world tour that reveals new and surprising insight into their hopes, dreams, fears, and feelings.
GROW: Infinite’s Real Youth Life

October 17 – R2B: Return to Base

After performing a reckless maneuver during a civilian air show, Captain Jung Tae Yoon (Rain) is demoted to the 21st Fighter Wing, which is under the command of fellow top gun Major Lee Cheol Hee (Yoo Jun Sang). However, while the two air force pilots are busy sizing each other up with a combination of mutual dislike and disrespect, they quickly find themselves caught in the midst of a nuclear drama between North and South Korea. Faced with a dire rescue mission, can Tae Yoon and Cheol Hee set aside their differences and share the glory?
R2B: Return to Base

October 24 – Harmony

A former music professor on death row (Na Moon Hee), helps conduct a choir in a women’s prison so a fellow convict (Kim Yoo Jin) can visit her 18 month old child.

October 31 – Spellbound

Starring Son Ye Jin and Lee Min Ki
Kang Yeo Ri (Son Ye Jin) has been able to see ghosts since she was a child and has remained a social recluse because of it. A street magician (Lee Min Ki) is drawn to her one day and insists she becomes a part of his act. Yeo Ri reluctantly joins, but still refuses to get close to anyone. Getting Yeo Ri to open up might be Jo Goo’s biggest trick yet, but can he handle the results?

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