Starting 2021 with a nostalgic song, BUDY has released the live performance of ‘Hey U’.

The video was uploaded on her official YouTube channel and is part of BUDY studio LIVE, a series of seven videos that aim to connect with her audience despite social distancing imposed by the pandemic. The performances aim to revise past songs of her solo career and re-introduce tracks that were released throughout 2020, providing exclusive comments about the creative process.

‘Hey U’, written and produced by BUDY, shows perfectly one of her main musical characteristics: versatility. Proving, once again, her singularity as an artist, she brings instrumentals found in jazz, vocal flexibility, and a unique style for her arrangements, referring to the classics of the crazy 20s.

Until the end of January 2021, there will be a new video every Thursday at 9 am (KST).

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