South Korean K-Pop singer-songwriter DEMIAN, who made his grand debut earlier this year, has just dropped a brand new single!

DEMIAN’s new single ‘YES’ is the third and final part of his trilogy; while his debut single ‘Cassette’ portrays the nostalgia of a romantic relationship, and ‘KARMA’ expresses the pain from breaking up with a lover, DEMIAN’s third release ‘YES’ explores the complexity of emotion when a relationship breaks down.

Hazy and dream-like, his honeyed voice swims in an arrangement of tinkering piano harmonies, wispy yet meditative drum beats, and a celestial roulade of guitar riffs.

Performed mostly in English lyrics, the alternative-R&B-influenced K-Pop single showcases DEMIAN’s new musical spectrum as a global artist.

Make sure to check out DEMIAN’s new single on Spotify and YouTube.