KB RAPBEAT FESTIVAL, a multi-genre music festival in Korea is live this weekend, September 19th at 6PM KST (7PM AEST). 

KB RAPBEAT FESTIVAL’s slogan of ‘REMOVE the days put on pause, RE:MOVE to the day we meet again!’ is used to bring encouragement to people amid COVID-19 pandemic.

Expectations were tremendous after a line-up has been announced, including BEWHY, CHANGMO, LOOPY, NAFLA, SUNWOOJUNGA, ASH ISLAND, BLOO, LEE YOUNGJI, BASICK, OWEN, ZENE THE ZILLA, LEELLAMARZ, KHUNDI PANDA, and SON SIMBA

“Although we weren’t able to run an offline festival this year, we are happy to hold a free online festival on the same scheduled day to fulfil expectations of our audience. We hope to send warm words of care and encouragement to everyone watching this festival,” CULTURE THINK, a host of the festival, explained to Hello Asia!

KB RAPBEAT FESTIVAL [RE:MOVE] will stream for free on YOUTUBE. A live online donation campaign to support vulnerable groups suffering from COVID-19 crisis, will be held during live streaming.