KCON 2015 JEJU 3

CJ E&M’s global Korean pop culture event KCON held its first event in Korea last weekend with Jeju Island being the host city. KCON 2015 JEJU welcomed 17,000 foreign and domestic fans for two days from November 6th at the Jeju Sports Complex. As keeping with KCON events in the US and Japan,  KCON 2015 JEJU consisted of a convention, featuring a host of cultural programs, and a concert by popular artists, including Shin Seung-hoon, Shinhwa, Block B and more.

CJ E&M has been promoting All Things Hallyu (a.k.a. Korean wave) through its KCON brand, organizing the event at various places around the world, such as Los Angeles, New York and Saitama, Japan. Jeju Island was KCON’s first domestic location, aimed at facilitating the local economy by attracting tourists from home and abroad.

KCON 2015 JEJU 1

KCON 2015 JEJU was packed with diverse activities such as engaging with Korean artists, K-beauty sessions, K-dance class, K-food tasting and more. Visitors also got to experience Jeju’s indigenous culture and tradition at the convention. The excitement of KCON reached its peak when K-pop artists got on the stage to perform in front of thousands of audiences.

KCON 2015 JEJU 2

Organizers at CJ E&M say that, unlike the usual KCON taking places overseas, KCON 2015 JEJU is viewed as having contributed to the momentum of vitalizing the local economy, by working together with local businesses to attract more people to the region.

Photo credit: CJ E&M