With less than 3 months to go, KCON USA has made their first artists announcement!

Since KCON NY’s debut, fans from the East Coast have traveled to New York’s neighbouring state, New Jersey; Newark is not too far from the New York City metropolis and KCON’s outdoor event catered to all fans, come rain or shine. But this year KCON USA dropped a huge surprise! KCON NY has officially moved to the Javits Center in New York City! And the concert will be held at the one and only Madison Square Garden!

Given the iconic venue, it came as no surprise that KCON USA would start dropping names like TXT (TOMORROW X TOGETHER), and NU’EST as part of their 2019 lineup.

NU’EST is no stranger to KCON USA. KCON attendees had the pleasure of seeing them in 2012, the year they debuted, at the first KCON in Irvine, California. They were amazingly sweet and gave great fan service. Though we had not heard much from them for a few years, all 5 of the members of the boy band have finally reunited. Hwang Minhyun had temporarily been apart from the group to be a part of Producer 101 and the temporary boy group, Wanna One; now fans are happy to see him return to NU’EST. A special concert video was released from their 2019 concert in Seoul, hyping up every NU’EST fan for the group’s newest album. 

After KCON showed a crown icon as a hint for one of their performing artists, many began predicting TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT), Big Hit Entertainment’s newest group, would be part of KCON’s lineup. And fans were right! TXT has gained a huge following and much support as seen by their debut track “Crown,” which has garnered over 61 million views. TXT can expect much love from KCON-goers this year in NYC!

These acts are certainly going to bring the fans running to New York City.

Keep an eye out for KCON NYC ticket sale dates; the convention and concert will be held from July 6th – July 7th.