The new male duo Nick & Sammy from KIWI Media Group will be performing at the largest North American music festival SXSW’s showcase.

The Showcase where Nick & Sammy will perform is to be held on the 15th March at The Driskill. Talented musicians including Nick & Sammy, Rankie Rose, Protex, Alex Wiley and Mark Eitzel will light the showcase stage.

The duo hasn’t officially debuted in Korea yet. Nick, from Austin, Texas has been composing various music based on punk and rock using different instruments. Sammy, from Adelaide, Australia has multiple stage experiences, specialising in rap and hip hop. By harmoniously combining their differences in music style, Nick & Sammy produces unique sounds for the audience.

After forming the duo, Nick & Sammy have been focusing on integrating their music to K-Pop. As a result, they have participated in various idols’ album, such as Sinhwa and U-KISS. Their work also ranges from drama OSTs and advertisement music. The duo has been active in communicating with the fans by uploading their self-produced music and music covers on various SNSs such as Facebook and YouTube.

Kim Hyung-Suk as CEO of the KIWI Media Group said “A SXSW participation by non-debuted musician is a very rare occasion, which proves the industry’s acknowledgement of Nick & Sammy’s musical abilities. Nick & Sammy will officially debut in late 2017 in Korea”.

Check out Nick & Sammy’s Facebook page. Hello Asia is looking forward to meeting Nick & Sammy at their showcase at SXSW!