In the days leading up to Taiwanese music streaming service KKBOX‘s 11th annual awards ceremony, they have for the first time ever released their winners for the inaugural “Top 10 most popular Mandarin artists of 2015” award.This year, the winners include:
– Hebe Tien
– Jay Chou
– A-Lin
– Pets Tseng
– Ronghao Li
– Jolin Tsai
– Rainie Yang
– Bii
– Magic Power
– JJ Lin

Don’t their names just bring back great memories from the songs they’ve released this year? Out of these ten singers, two of them are responsible also for the top three most popular songs of 2015, with official charts being released at a press conference on the 18th.

JJ Lin’s “If Only”, Hebe Tien’s “Little Luck” and Charlie Puth/Wiz Khalifa’s hit single “See You Again” took out the top three places on KKBOX’s Year-end top hits chart.


Other awards which were announced early were the award for Best Newcomer, which was given to the talented and sweet Fang Wu for her debut album “Accumulated Loneliness”, as well as the award for Best Independent Energy, which was given to indie chanteuse Yoyo Cen.


The KKBOX Awards will be live streamed for those of you who won’t be in attendance on the 24th of January all the way from Taipei Arena where the actual event will be held. There will be a star-studded list of attendees coming for the awards, including Jam Hsiao, A-Lin, JJ Lin, Magic Power, Fang Wu, and even K-Pop girl group Apink to name a few.

The event will be live streamed across Facebook, YouTube and KKBOX platforms across the region.

The 11th annual KKBOX Awards livestream links:

台灣 Taiwan: http://kkbox.fm/a1F72c
香港 Hong Kong: http://kkbox.fm/e3PORh
大馬 Malaysia: http://kkbox.fm/L2QN4q
星國 Singapore: http://kkbox.fm/t1wJgB
泰國 Thailand: http://kkbox.fm/k91WQ8
日本 Japan: http://kkbox.fm/V6FIP4

Photos provided by KKBOX.