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Attention all Twitter fans who are glaringly aware of the lack of C-Pop content out there. KKBOX and Twitter are working together to expand appreciation for C-Pop to global audiences.

This will be done using a special hashtag #OnlyOnTwitter, under which KKBOX will be posting exclusive Chinese music content just for twitter, sharing the likes of weekly live Twitter Q&A interviews, autographed video clips from C-pop artists, and even voting contests to engage fans that are overseas.

For fans who want to know which of their idols are already on Twitter, the likes of Jam Hsiao(@JamHsiao0330), Z-Chen (@zchen0508), May Day (@Mayday_EN), IO Band (@ioband), Tia Ray (@tiaraymusic), Vanness Wu (@VanNessVanWu), Stefanie Sun (@Stefsunyanzi), Kelly Lin (@kellyhlin), JJ Lin (@JJ_Lin), GEM (@GEMoving), Shung Xiao Yu (@ShungXiaoyu), Coco Lee (@cocolee117), and Erika Liu (@ErikaLiu0314) are already on Twitter, ready for you to follow!

Another hashtag which hopes to raise awareness for C-pop, these artists will be using the #LoveCpop campaign to support KKBOX in their goal to bring Chinese music to the wider world.

Check out several exclusive video tweets below, from the likes of Lala Hsu, A-Lin and Yoga Lin!

Lala Hsu 


Yoga Lin

So what are you waiting for? Get following and hash tagging!