Time Renegades a blockbuster South Korean time travel romance thriller is premiering in Los Angeles (at CGV Cinemas) on Friday, April 15, followed by a wider North American release on April 22 in Fullerton, Washington D.C., New Jersey, Dallas, Seattle, Chicago, Atlanta, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Time Renegades follows two men – a soon-to-be groom living in 1983 (Jo Jung-suk) and a police detective living in 2015 (Lee Jin-uk). Together, they try to stop the death of the woman they love (Lim Soo-jung) after they begin communicating through their dreams. With director Kwak Jae-yong of My Sassy Girl and The Classic at the helm, and a star-studded cast, the film has been in the spotlight since production began.

Director Kwak made his first film debut with Watercolor Painting in a Rainy Day in 1989, since then he has become one of the leading directors of Korea. He and the rest of the cast fell in love with Time Renegades as soon as they read the script.

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Time Renegades