Boasting over 5.2 million YouTube subscribers, his very own TV program, and over 2,000 dining venues worldwide, Paik Jongwon brings rockstar flare to South Korea’s dining scene and reigns king of the kitchen! 

The entrepreneur, who heads up popular Korean food franchise The Born Korea Inc, takes pleasure in passionately advocating for Korean cuisine and his business expertise across the globe. Now, Paik is expanding his repertoire with the first Australian Paik’s Noodle now open!

Straight out of Seoul, Paik’s is famed for its delectable and comforting traditions that meet neatly in the middle between Korean flavours and Chinese-style meals.

The menu features many delicious options, including Paik’s signature Tangsuyuk, deep fried pork and vegetables served alongside Paik’s famed sweet and sour sauce. While it’s hotly contested whether the pork is best enjoyed Bumuk style (pouring the sauce over the top) or Jjikmuk style (dipping the meat into the sauce), this dish is a guaranteed crowd pleaser that’ll leave your tastebuds humming! 

Other favourites include Jjamppong, spicy seafood noodle soup paired with pork and crisp fresh vegetables, or Jjamppong’s stir-fried sister, Bokkeum Jjamppong

Whether you are into a humble bowl of noodles or looking to expand your palette and enjoy the world of Korean flavours, this institution is assured to leave you a loyal Paik’s convert. 

470 Little Lonsdale Street Melbourne 3000 

Monday – Tuesday: CLOSED 
Wednesday: 17:00-22.30 
Thursday: 17:00-22.30 
Friday – Saturday 17:00 – 00:00 
Sunday: 17:00-22.30