Hello Asia! takes a look at changes in the Korean music charts as of 13th November. We look at three of the biggest charts from the industry: M! Countdown, Naver and Melon.

M! Countown: as of 01/11

1. 4 Walls – F(x)

2. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung

3. Like OOH-AAH – Twice

4. Mind Your Own Business – Ailee

5. Ah-Choo – Lovelyz

Naver: as of 13/11

1. Thinking About You – Younha

2. Don’t Worry – Lee Juk

3. Boys and Girls – Zico

4. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung

5. 23 – IU

Melon: as of 13/11

1. Hug Me – 4MEN

2. Boys and Girls – Zico

3. 23 – IU

4. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung

5. Hello – Adele

Thumbs up for Lim Chang Jung who’s recent song Love Again has been on the charts for so long! Coming 4th on both Nave and Melon charts and 2nd on MCoundown, he is showing his vocal power amongst the idols. The same goes for the talented vocal group 4MEN who’s new song Hug Me just came first on the Melon chart.

Block B Zico’s new single album Boys and Girls is becoming a hit, entering top 5 in both Naver and Melon charts. Zico has been proving his talent as a producer and an artist through various schedules – participating as a judge at the survival rap program Show Me the Money season4, singing OST for the K-drama Secret and releasing various songs. The fans look forward to hearing more from the talented artist!

As a Korean high school girl’s cover of Adele’s new song Hello has gone viral on social media, the popularity of the original song also increased. It’s been a while since a foreign pop song cam into the top 5 for all three charts. Congratulations on the girl for being able to show her talent. Hello from the other side!