Hello Asia! takes a look at changes in the Korean music charts as of 20th November. We look at three of the biggest charts from the industry: MCountdown, Naver and Melon.

MCountown: as of 1/11

1. 4 Walls – F(x)

2. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung

3. Like OOH-AAH – Twice

4. Mind Your Own Business – Ailee

5. Ah-Choo – Lovelyz

Naver: as of 20/11

1. Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

2. Jam – Dynamic Duo

3. Don’t Worry – Lee Juk

4. Thinking About You – Younha

5. Hot Pink – EXID

Melon: as of 20/11

1. Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

2. Jam – Dynamic Duo

3. Boys and Girls – Zico

4. Apology – iKON

5. Hug Me – 4MEN

Seems like hip hop is the thing in the Korean music at the moment! San E and Mad Clown’s new collaboration Sour Grapes are first in both Melon and Naver music charts for this week. The new song shows perfect harmony between the two artists with strong rhythmic rapping. First time seeing them collaborate and the fans are loving it.

One of the most loved hiphop artist Dynamic Duo is back in the scene with their new album Grand Carnival. Their title song Jam has entered the Top 5 for this week, proving their chart power once again. Also look out for EXID’s new song Hot Pink which just came into Naver’s Top 5 chart. The girls are ready to show their talent to their fans!