Hello Asia! takes a look at changes in the Korean music charts as of 27th Novemeber. We look at three of the biggest charts from the industry: MCountdown, Naver and Melon.

MCountdown: as of 15th Novemebr 

1. 4 Walls – F(x)

2. Like OOH-AAH – Twice

3. Brave New World – Brown Eyed Girls

4. Chained Up – VIXX

5. Rhythm Ta – iKON

Naver: as of 27th November 

1. A Little Girl – Oh Hyunk

2. Don’t Worry – Lee Juk

3. Those Days – Feel Kim

4. Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

5. But – Gil

Melon: as of 27th November

1. A Little Girl – Oh Hyuk

2. In The End – Noel

3. Sour Grapes – San E & Mad Clown

4. Boys and Girls – Zico

5. Jam – Dynamic Duo

Naver‘s chart is dominated by the OSTs from the popular K-drama ‘Reply 1988’, with three songs from the drama coming into top 3 this week. A Little Girl is an old song made back in the days and is remade by Oh Hyunk from Hyuk Oh Band for the drama, and the fans are loving it. The drama evokes nostalgia for older generation and gives young generation the chance to indurge in old songs. Lee Juk‘s Don’t Worry has been on and off the charts for the past few weeks, which shows how much the audience are enjoying the songs from “back in the days”.

MCountdown‘s chart is welcoming back Brown Eyed Girls and VIXX with their new songs Brand New World and Chained Up. The ‘conceptdol’ VIXX is once again entertaining the fans with their new concept of ‘love slaves’, presenting themselves as men deeply in love. The girls are also back with their usual sexiness, ready to show off their sexy charms with powerful dances and vocals. We welcome back the two talented groups as well!