Hello Asia! takes a look at changes in the Korean music charts as of 2nd of October. We look at three of the biggest charts from the industry: MCountdown, Naver and Melon.

Mcountdown: as of 20/9
1. Dumb Dumb – Red Velvet
2. Cinderella – CNBLUE
3. It Happens To Be That Way – Fly to the Sky
4. SSENUNNI – Jessi
5. Wow Wow Wow – Jun Jin

Naver: as of 2/10
1. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung
2. Lean on Me – Soyou and Kwon Jung Yeol
3. Rhythm Ta – iKON
4. My Type – iKON
5. Get Some Air – Gary

Melon: as of 2/10
1. Love Again – Lim Chang Jung
2. Get Some Air – Gary
3. Lean on Me – Soyou and Kwon Jung Yeol
4. My Type – iKON
5. Ordinary Love – Park Kyung (Block B)

Red Velvet’s Dumb Dumb is showing continuous popularity in the MCountdown chart, staying in the first place after last week. A famous actor and a singer Lim Chang Jung’s newly released song Love Again is first on both Naver and Melon charts for this week. He is well known for his singing as well as acting skills to Korean fans across all age groups.

YG’s new boy band iKON is also winning the game by being listed on Naver and Melon charts’ top 5 since their release of the debut album. For this week iKON’s title song My Type as well as Rhythm Ta is featured on Naver’s chart so have a listen to iKON’s full album to look into their music style!

The boy band CNBLUE is back with their title song Cinderella, coming second on the MCountdown chart. Fans are being excited to listen to a full band music once again after waiting for a year since the release of their last album in 2014.