Rising Korean hip-hop artists Superbee, Junoflo and myunDo are set to host an exclusive event, The Takeover, at Hip Hop club, Hustle in Seoul, South Korea on October 29, 2016. Doors open at 9:00pm. Presented by Planet Hustle in partnership with online event platform Tourbrat, “The Takeover” is the first in a series of planned events bringing people of all backgrounds together around Korean hip-hop culture. A limited quantity of early entry tickets are available from October 19 at and

Korean hip-hop legends Tiger JK of MFBTY and Dok2 of 1llionaire recently tapped Superbee, Junoflo and myunDo as the first artists signed to Ghood Life Crew, their new joint hip-hop label. Ghood Life Crew’s first release dropped on September 23, with Superbee’s “The Life is 82 0.5”. All three rappers caught attention this year as contestants on Show Me The Money 5, where Superbee ended up winning third place.

The venue, Hustle, was known in the 90’s as Moon Night Factory. Located in Itaweon, Moon Night Factory was a thriving hub of the then-burgeoning Korean hip-hop scene, with local artists such as YG, JYP and DJ DOC making regular appearances. Today, hip-hop thrives in Korea.

Tourbat eventually plans to take Korean artists abroad to increase their exposure and fan base. “‘The Takeover’ serves a broader mission for both Planet Hustle and Tourbrat,” says Tourbrat CEO and Co-founder Gabe Salgado. “Meaningful cultural exchange between Korean artists, their international peers, and fandom around the world is what we strive for.”

Pinnacle TheHustler, Hustle CEO, reflects Salgado’s sentiments. “Hustle isn’t just a night club; it’s a statement, it represents a lifestyle, it defines a culture that involves not only Koreans, but everyone. We hustle not just because we want to, we hustle out of a sense of desperation; we aspire to do and be something greater than ourselves. The hustler culture is a handle that opens the portal to a better, stronger you; and that’s what Hustle represents.”

Further information and tickets are available at and starting October 19, 2016.