Korean R&B artist Kuk Seung Pyo has dropped his most recent single ‘Why Do You’, featuring Caleb Cruise.

Throughout ‘Why Do You’, Kuk Seung Pyo seeks to describe a male perspective of the internal tug-of-war that occurs when a couple decides to take a break.

The single is produced by Kuk Seung Pyo and is also his first collaboration with an American artist, Caleb Cruise, who also features as one of composers and lyricists on the track.

Starting his career as a YouTuber, recently passing 101k subscribers, Kuk Seung Pyo began releasing his own music in 2018. Working with musician across the globe, Kuk Seung Pyo is known for the cultural fusion in his music product, mixing groovy beats and incorporating English and Korean lyrics within his songs.

Kuk Seung Pyo continues to explore different styles of music with his upcoming releases, and he is eager to bring on more surprise for fans.

The music video for ‘Why Do You’ will be released in February 2021. 

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