On the 5th of November, a Korean Facebook page posted a video of a Korean high school girl singing Adele’s “Hello” on their page. Up until then they had no idea how popular this video will become on social media.

17 year old  Ye Jin Lee from Seoul Music High School has captured and captivated the world with her Adele cover.

The Facebook page ‘Ordinary Person’s Extraordinary Live’ has been posting videos of ordinary people covering various songs, receiving well over 1000 likes on all their posts. The page also has a YouTube channel where same contents are shared to attract broader audience. Ye Jin Lee’s cover of Hello has been one of the video posted by the page and immediately people began to recognise the girl’s outstanding talent. Adele’s songs are known to be difficult to sing along, but the girl has amazed the viewers with her emotions and singing techniques.

After the increased popularity of the video on the Facebook page, the YouTube channel began to attract foreign viewers and media who showed interest in an unknown young girl’s talent.



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The video has been filmed by Ye Jin Lee herself while she was practicing at school with her music partner. No electronic sound at all, just her voice and the piano. But the voice and the piano were all they needed to make the audience fall for the girl. People are now cheering for the talented girl to pursue her dream in the singing career. Hello from the other side!