On the 20th of October, Lara Veronin appeared at LG Taiwan’s launch of their newest smartphone, the LG V20. As the first person in Taiwan to use the phone, she actually received it a month ago to test it out, and especially appreciated many of its new features.

Lara said during the conference that she especially loved the V20’s high quality recording feature and expressed that she would be able to use it to record more high quality demos which she could confidently send to her producers.

The other feature that Lara was attracted to was the wide-angle feature of the V20’s camera. She felt that having it around would make taking pictures with a large group of friends easier.

Lara also talked about the ways in which phones are especially useful to her:

“Everyone probably is attached to their phones. I mostly use my phone to record demos or things that I need to do. Because my memory is really bad, so I have a lot of alarms, notebooks, those kinds of things…Actually I believe that inspiration is like that, it will come suddenly. So from a long time ago-ten years ago- I started using recording pens. Then after smartphones came in it made things even easier.”

At the press conference, Lara also sang her classic song ‘Rainy Day’ for those attending. At the question time afterwards, she also shared that she would have new songs coming out soon:

“At the end of the year or beginning of next year I will be releasing a surprise new single. I hope everyone is able to keep an eye out for that when the time comes.”

About the new single and her upcoming album’s theme, Lara said that her new songs will have a different element to them that was not present in her previous albums.

“Oh, I think it will be a new experience. What I can share is that it is not a traditional ballad. During these past 1-2 years I’ve been analysing EDM. Because in the past I was very against EDM, but afterwards I realised that I was not against EDM, I just hadn’t found my own style of EDM yet. So my new music will incorporate a little from these kinds of genres.”

At the end, Lara was quizzed about her current relationship status and love life.

“Usually if work is pretty busy then my love life won’t have much progress, so at the moment I’m just focusing on work as a priority. Perhaps more and more I’m not looking for a certain type of person, like someone who you get along well with, or can make you laugh, instead more looking for a partner who I can see a future with.”

We at Hello Asia are really more concerned about her new music, and can’t wait to hear that its coming so soon!

Photo from UDN, special thanks to Meimeiwawa Multimedia.