Lara Veronin will be making her return with her upcoming digital single, “Where Do We Go“.

Her past 15 years have been filled with growth and change; from her first song release when she was 13 years old, her official debut at 17, and choosing to leave her music company at 25 to establish Meimeiwawa Multimedia with sister Esther Veronin.

Lara is finally back, shedding her idol packaging and getting out of her comfort zone to create new music after a long wait. Her digital single, “Where Do We Go”, will be digitally released on the 12th of December through KKBOX. Through some personal experience, Lara has discovered that a broken heart can be healed, and that the heart will nevertheless beat stronger than before.

“Where Do We Go” is a love song that shows the twist and turns of a growing relationship. How can two people in love can reach a stage where their relationship is irreparable? When everything falls apart, all we can do is continue to move forward and believe that heartbreak exists to make you grow stronger. That the damage and destruction is to be reborn as a better future. The song is a mix of country guitar and 808 Roland drum EDM.

After founding her own company, Lara was often asked; “When will you release a new album?”. To her surprise, she did not know what to reply as her sudden freedom and endless possibilities left her lost with no direction. She also did not want to release an album for the sake of releasing an album, and decided to take a six-month break. But her so-called break was even more tiring as she ventured off into film production. As it was an unfamiliar environment, it was filled with both pressure and excitement. Her daily life was filled with accomplishment and frustration, which led her to grow as a person and reminded her once again of her love for music.

For the new album, Lara decided to not receive songs externally like her previous albums. This time round, she wanted to be part of the process from the very beginning and was able to work up the courage to meet with many new and unfamiliar musicians. Lara wishes to not only write music for herself, but dreams to write music for Eason Chan and Stefanie Sun one day. She believes that music is being able to share a story which encourages and heals others. Thus her biggest compliment is hearing that her music has as healing effect on others.

There’s been quite a lot of ups and downs getting “Where Do We Go” out to the public, with three failed attempts before this fourth try. Lara has been through timing clashes with her musical, her mother’s death as well as her own health scares before allowing this single to come to light. Despite all the difficulty over the last four years, Lara is taking it one step at a time and hoping everyone can enjoy her new song and comeback.

“Where Do We Go” will be a digital single released through KKBOX on the 12th of December. The official music video will be released on the 20th of December.