South-Korean actor and model Lee Jong-suk was visiting Indonesia as part of a fan meet up tour which included visits to Taiwan, Thailand and Japan.

After visiting Jakarta on November 3 as part of the tour, he and his team were scheduled to leave the next day, but found themselves detained for almost two days.

Lee Jong-suk took to instagram to explain what was going on in a since deleted post, “YES24, the (fan meeting) promoter, reported lower profits than the actual amount they made to the local tax authorities. Me and my staff members passports have been taken away even though we have absolutely no relation.”

His agency A-man entertainment have also expressed their frustration, apologising and promising to take legal action. Events agency Yumetomo, the company behind YES24, have sincerely apologised to Lee Jong-suk, his agency and his fans, stating that they take full responsibility as well as demanding an explanation from YES24’s Indonesian branch, citing inexperienced business handlings as the reason Lee Jong-suk and his staff had their passports taken away.