Late in 2020, the Korea Economic Daily awarded SM Entertainment‘s Lee SooMan with the Dasan Management Award, a prestigious award that recognises the entrepreneurial skills needed to create a global brand.

In an article published by the Korea Economic daily, Lee’s history and successful career as the founder of South Korea’s largest entertainment agency is detailed.

In creating SM Entertainment, Lee established a four-stage production and management system. Here, Lee conceptualised the “climax of visual music” by introducing groups of good-looking, talented artists who create dynamic and energetic performances that are accompanied by engaging visual media. Such business strategies were benchmarked by the majority of K-Pop companies and became the standard for the K-Pop industry.

Producer Lee is also called the “Hallyu Leader of Challenge and Vision”. The artists and music produced by him have further increased the influence of Korean pop culture in the global market.

As such, he has been recognised as a pioneer of the K-Pop industry, and has been honoured with various awards. He was selected to be on Billboard’s The 2020 Billboard Impact List which honoured 22 individuals with outstanding capabilities in creating the future of the global music industry. He was also named the first Korean winner at the 2016 Asian Game Changer Awards for his “contributions to changing the topography of the world’s cultural industry with Hallyu in 2016.”