Mandopop Superstar Leehom Wang has certainly been upping his game, recently announcing his high-profile role in a new short film directed by highly acclaimed film director Armando Bo.

Armando Bo is the critically acclaimed writer and producer of the movie Birdman, which won 4 Oscars.

Lifeline is presented by Qualcomm to make consumers aware of the power of smartphones, as many invest their lives into their devices.

The intriguing 30 minute film revolves around Kai (Leehom Wang) waking up one morning in Shanghai to discover his girlfriend Emma (Olivia Munn) has disappeared and left nothing but her smartphone behind. Deeply disturbed, he has no choice but to try track her down with his only clue to discover where she went and unravel the harrowing truth.

As he tries to find her, Wang discovers more secrets about his girlfriend which makes him question both of their lives as well as her identity, something that leaves him with difficult questions and sooner than later, some unsettling answers.

The film also stars Joan Chen, a veteran actress whom Leehom himself respects greatly and has previously worked on within his directorial debut Love Notification.

Lifeline is aimed to target audiences in China as well as the United States as both Mandarin and English are spoken in the film. It is now available to be seen online in China on iQIYI and on YouTube for the rest of the world.

Watch the full film presented by Qualcomm below: