Japanese chargrill connoisseurs and Wagyu masters Wagyu Ya have curated a premium tasting set of the finest A5 Japanese Wagyu, M9 Full-blooded Australian Wagyu and A5 Kobe Sirloin. 

Valued at a jaw-dropping $339, the premium tasting set invites patrons to experience a once-in a-lifetime meal, including eight different kinds of mouthwatering wagyu beef; indulge in sumptuous cuts of M9 Full-Blooded Australian Wagyu from Blackmore Wagyu, and transport your tastebuds to Japan with the highly-prized A5 Kobe Sirloin and A5 Japanese Wagyu, taken from the finest Tajima cattle. 

Wagyu Ya, together with its sister venue, Niku Ou, are two of only three restaurants in Australia to hold an exclusive licence to the expensive and extremely rare, Kobe Wagyu Beef. Restaurants who are awarded with the classification are also taught in the time-honoured method of cooking the prized steak; experts will lightly cook the wagyu at your very own table, over hot coals, so it is served sizzling hot with nuanced flavour and extraordinary succulence.

Quench your thirst with Wagyu Ya’s exquisite drinks menu, from show-stopping cocktails, rare Japanese whisky, Sake and everything in between. 

From Beluga Caviar and A5 wagyu carpaccio cold entrees, to foie gras toast and M9 wagyu ya gyoza as hot entrées, Wagyu Ya delivers fine Japanese cuisine paired with an exceptionally refined dining experience. 

WHERE: 156 Toorak Road, South Yarra, Victoria

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