Lollipop F member, Wayne (A-Wei) has announced he will be getting married with girlfriend of 4 years, Dou Dou on the 22nd of July.

The singer initially decided to have a quiet celebration with family and friends, and did not intend the news to be announced within the entertainment industry. But the good news spread quickly and fans were surprised by the sudden notice, but all sent forward their best wishes.

He will be the first member of the group to settle down and invites fellow members, Fabien and William, as well as good friend Kenji Wu to be the groomsman for his wedding.

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The members of the group had previously made an agreement to send gifts of NTD$100,000 to the first member that ties the knot. Thus fellow members Fabien jokingly requested a waiver, as Wayne‘s fiancee Dou Dou was introduced to him by Fabien whom attended the same high school. William on the other hand begged his company to return his passport so he can run away before the big day, and is in search for a girl to marry before July 22nd.

Wayne expressed his gratitude to fans through social media and said: “Thank you for all your blessings, we are very happy. We hope that in future, we can walk hand in hand and continue our journey together. Thanks everyone”