Lovelyz BaekBal BaekJoong Photoshoot

The girl group’s photoshoot for KakaoTalk’s mobile game BaekBal BaekJoong has been revealed alongside a preview of an upcoming new character: Kei of Lovelyz! The members look charismatic in the photoshoot as they hold onto their weapons, showing a contrasting charm to their usual bright and lovely image.

NetMarble selected Lovelyz as the promotional models for BaekBal BaekJoong last month, and on the 5th of February the character for Seo Jisoo was revealed. Today a behind-the-scenes video of the making of Kei’s character was released, offering fans a teaser for the new character!

Check out Kei recording the audio for her character in the teaser video below and be sure to catch the group’s first ever reality show ‘Lovelyz in Wonderland’ every Thursday on SBS MTV!