Taiwanese rock band, Mayday surprises fans on May 5th with the release of new drama based music video of classic hit “Tenderness” as well as tour dates for Taipei, Singapore, China and Kuala Lumpur.

Mayday’s classic hit “Tenderness” was released in the year 2000 marking it’s 16th anniversary this year. The song was remade in 2013 for their greatest hits album The Best of 1999-2013.

“Tenderness” is a sequel to their Eternal Summer music video which was based on a story about friendship released February last year. The new music video shows the family aspect of one of the main characters in “Eternal Summer”.

It flickers through the past and present showing different flashbacks between his current stage and his younger rebellious self accompanied by the mellow voice of Ashin and the soft piano backing. Once the band chimes into the song, more of the plot is revealed leading to the sudden death of his father. The death of his father, whom he had a good relationship with, changed his life and in one glimpse of the music video, you can see a photo of his younger self at the funeral hall, which symbolises the death of not only his father, but that younger self as well.

Mayday has always been known for carrying a positive message and didn’t disappoint with this music video as it speaks out to the younger generation telling them to cherish those around you and not wait until it’s too late.

Check out this breathtaking classic below:

If you’re impressed by the song, be sure to check them out live as Mayday could be coming to a city near you with the announcement of their Asia Tour

Mayday Just Rock It 2016 Asia Tour Dates:

23/24th July- TAIPEI
5/6th August- SINGAPORE
26/27/28th AUGUST- BEIJING
3rd September- XIAN
10th September- CHENGDU
17th September- WUHAN
24th September- SHENZHEN
30th September,2/3rd October- SHANGHAI
22rd October- KUALA LUMPUR