The most influential and popular Taiwanese rock band, Mayday, will be taking their 10th concert tour down under!

Known for their close to home and heartfelt lyrics, the band has sung about dreams, youth, love, positivity, friends, family and life as a whole. No matter the situation, there always seems to be a Mayday song to suit the event.

After a long 6 year wait for Australia and 8 years for New Zealand; Chinatown Cinema will once again bring Mayday back, this time for their LIFE Tour.

Celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary, Mayday’s LIFE Tour kicked off in Kaohsiung in 2017. More than 100 shows later, this tour will finally make its way to Melbourne, Sydney and Auckland in September.

The theme of the world tour is an escape from an ordinary day and stepping into Mayday’s LIFE Corporation. No matter if it’s the job interview, starting work or even having to overtime, Mayday will be with you on the journey of life. At the end of the day, even when you return home, you will bring back all the memories of a great night.

So in order to join in on the fun and sing along to the band’s greatest hits, you will need to grab your tickets now!


Date: Tuesday 18th September 2018
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Hisense Arena
Ticket Price: VIP$499/$399/$349/$299/$249/$199/$149/$99

Date: Friday 21st September 2018
Time: 8:15pm
Venue: Qudos Bank Arena
Ticket Price: VIP$498/$398/$348/$298/$248/$198/$148/$98

Date: Monday 23rd September 2018
Time: 7:30pm
Venue: The Trusts Arena
Ticket Price: SVIP$499/VIP$399/$299/$199/$159/$99