For those of you who are young, intelligent and bilingual, the girls of Meimeiwawa Multimedia, singer-songwriter Lara Veronin and sister Esther will be familiar faces to you.

Known for their humorous and lighthearted videos, the girls have stepped out of their comfort zone this Halloween to bring you a parody that tops the rest: a ‘is it real or isn’t it’ K-pop girl group!

With the release of their first single ‘HOT Lu La La’, the girls make an uncanny case for their sincerity as a K-pop girl group, with all the moves down, a catchy electronic track and looks to kill.

But a closer look at the Korean lyrics (subtitles are included in the video) and some interesting shots in the music video are clue enough to let fans know that these girls just wanna have fun.

Teaming up with Jay Chou’s backup dancer Erica Song Jones, the single ‘HOT Lu La La’ is in fact an original song co-written by Lara with Jason Lu (Melody) and with some help from Jay Choi on the Korean lyrics.

With lyrics like “Can’t take the heat? Then get out of the frying pan”, the girls’ tongue-in-cheek K-pop chops are convincing, but at the same time pretty hilarious.

Watch “HOT (Lu La La)” below: