Organised by TVB Australia, Canxing production and CCTV Arts Channel CCTV3 has collaborated to hold an Australian recruitment program for the third season of “Sing My Song”.

After two months of recruitment and audition interview, which has finally successfully completed in the past few days. In the end, the 22-year-old talented prodigy from Melbourne, Yuko Wu with creativity and fresh interpretation of the songs that she sung, will represent Australia in the program “Sing My Song” in the third season at China, she will be tested by Liu Huan, Yu Quan and other famous tutors’.


The intention for the recruiting program was to “search for Australia’s Chinese musicians” which had started recruiting in early September in Australia’s major cities, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth waiting for the same time to open, not only has this advertised throughout the media and the cross-platform publicity, there was even huge support groups by university students in Australia that cooperated to promote this recruiting program at colleges on campus. The program attracted a large proportion of self-composing music lovers and even professional musicians happily entered the contest, in total there has been over 200 original works submitted for the program.


The Australian recruiting program in Sydney and Melbourne will be holding two interviews in October. The program’s director group from China will be selecting the best 20 original works from all the contestants to participate in the interview. The participants will be asked to record their original work in the studio recording room, many participants could play and sing at the same time. Subsequently, the participants also shared their individual experiences with the music director. Melbourne music graduate, Yuko Wu plays the guitar while singing her original work, not only did the performance left a deep impression on the directors and judges but they were impressed with her outstanding talent in creativity in the original work she sung, becoming Australia’s representative in the upcoming competition, she will later fly to China to start the recording process for the third season of “Sing My Song”, accepting Chinese’s music hall stage singer Liu Huan and the famous self-composed group Yu Quan preparing tests for her in China.