The hosts of this years’ Golden Melody Award festivities have now been announced, and they are certainly ones with hosting abilities to boot!

Critically acclaimed host Mickey Huang is set to reprise his role as this years’ awards show. Of the role, Huang says: “The stars of the ceremony are the musicians, the host is just there for continuity. I just hope I can entertain to the fullest.”

Taking on the daunting role of hosting the red carpet activities are experienced hosts Lulu (Huang Lu Tz Yin) and DJ Dennis (Dennis Au), a pair who are said to have a sparkling rapport.

Huang has previously praised Lulu for her ability to be both serious and comedic, and the petite beauty is also described by Dennis as “smart, lively and polite”.

Although at first nervous at accepting the role, she has been coached gently by experts Huang and Dennis, whom she sees as ‘like my parents’.

Of the role, she says she’s been doing a lot of preparation: “I’ve just been looking through information, listening to the Golden Melody songs, really immersing myself in the GMAs.” When asked about her wardrobe for the event, she said, “There will be enough goddesses walking down that carpet. I’ll be there as a fairy.”

Going back to Huang, who is also a notable music critic, he weighs in on what’s different about this years’ awards:

“This year’s nominations are unique in that we have the big names but also the new musicians, the up-and-comers. I’m happy to see this new landscape. The awards won’t be centered on the same people as usual. And I hope we can get some of the great musicians who had accomplishments but weren’t nominated to join in the ceremony, too.”

Looking at the talented trio, I’m sure the ceremony is going to be one to watch! Counting down the days to the ceremony starts…now!