The triple-threat hosting team of Taiwanese veteran host Mickey Huang, alongside Dennis and Lulu will yet again be hosting the Golden Melody Awards this year.

Huang mentioned that the decision to host the Golden Melody Awards was a serendipitous one that came to him-believe it or not-as he was playing Mahjong with his friends.

While playing the well-loved Chinese tile game, he was approached with the offer, and told his friends that if he won the round, he would take the job. Huang even labelled it “a decision made by someone from above”.

Accompanied also by the loveable red carpet duo Dennis Au and Lulu Huang who hosted the Golden Melody Awards’ red carpet last year, this will be Dennis’ seventh time hosting the red carpet, and Lulu’s second.

As the awards will for the first time be one of the longest in history, Huang has put his expert hosting skills to use in making sure the ceremony runs along in a timely manner, saying:

“I will minimize my segments in the ceremony, and skip the red carpet myself. This will leave more time for these outstanding musicians. I promise with my life that we won’t rush the winners in music or any ways. I also urge all winners to be time-sensitive, so we can conclude the ceremony before 11:30PM.”

Despite their professionalism and experience with hosting the highly coveted awards ceremony all three mentioned that they nevertheless get nervous due to the importance of the awards ceremony which is celebrated with much pomp and pizzazz year after year. Of this, Huang says:

“We still get nervous, but it’s important to stay cautious. Each year is different. We need to be more cautious, especially with more nominees this year, so we can live up to the high expectations from Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development (BAMID) of Ministry of Culture, as well as Taiwan Television Company.”

Wishing both the nominees and the expert hosting team the best of luck with this years’ ceremony, which is edging closer day by day.

The 28th Golden Melody Awards will be held at the Taipei Arena on the 24th of June, and broadcast live from 5pm onwards (Red Carpet) and 7pm (Ceremony). The GMA festival will be held at Le Meridien Taipei from 21st June to 23rd, inviting music industry and various other multimedia professionals to attend free of charge. For those wanting to attend the ceremony, tickets can be won on the GMA website