Veteran K-Pop act 2NE1 has announced today that member Minzy has decided to leave the group to pursue other interests.

Rumours of Minzy leaving 2NE1 has been swirling around the K-Pop scene for the past few days and YG Entertainment this afternoon released a statement which has shocked the 2NE1 community and the K-Pop industry. The remaining three members CL, Park Bom and Dara will sign new contracts with YG Entertainment and continue on as 2NE1.

Statement from YG

This is YG Entertainment’s Official statement about 2NE1.

We apologize that we are bringing unfortunate news to the 2NE1 fans who have been waiting for such a long time.

We would like to officially announce that 2NE1’s maknae Gong Minzy will not be continuing with the group.

With 2NE1’s contracts ending on 5/5/2016, we met with each 2NE1 member to discuss contract renewals and terms but unfortunately Gong Minzy did not go forth.

Sending away someone who has been with us for 11 years since her trainee days is difficult for all but due to the sudden hiatus 2 years ago, Gong Minzy had some hard times that we full understand. Rather than feeling upset, we are apologetic towards her.

There were uncertainties as to what would happen to 2NE1 since Gong Minzy’s departure, but Yang Hyun Suk states that “No matter what happens, I want to continue 2NE1.” “During the hard times it is important to join forces to geth throught it.” The other three members renewed contracts with the goal of releasing new music this Summer, and there are no thoughts of adding new member.

As 2NE1’s world tour proved, 2NE1 is a group that debuted 7 years ago that has Korean fans but also International fans who await their new songs and comeback.

Even when looking at a global scale, it is hard to see a group to promote together for 7 years. It is very difficult and almost impossible to do so without difficulties.

2NE1 is in the situation where a sudden hiatus took place 2 years ago due to unfortunate events, and one member out of the four has decided to leave. We will try our best to overcome this.

This is a promise to the fans who have waited and trusted in 2NE1’s music for this long time. We will return with the most 2NE1-like.. The most 2NE1 style music.

Source: YG United