Former member of 2NE1 Minzy has signed a new contract with entertainment agency The Music Works.

The agency is an in-house subsidiary label of CJ E&M. It was founded by Oh Won-chul (Philip Oh), former CEO of WS Entertainment, in partnership with CJ E&M. A representative today said “Gong Min Ji is an artist who has unlimited potential for growth in many different scenes. In order for her to achieve the very best of her talent, we’re going to support her in a wide variety of activities. Outside of her talent, we think Gong Min Ji is an upstanding person with high values. So in accordance with that trust, we will work with her and support her so she can grow and develop.”

On Minzy’s future the representative added the she plans to “make efforts as a musician, working as a soloist who writes her own music and lyrics. She’ll also be helping out with My Teen, the new group set to debut next year, and help out with her juniors both male and female. We ask that you give her your support, interest, and consideration.”

Wishing Minzy all the best with her new agency!