TVB Miss Australia Chinese Pageant 2016

Hosted by broadcaster TVB Australia and sponsored by Ozwear UGG, the 2016 Miss Australia Chinese Pageant has announced that the final will be held during October in Sydney.

TVB Australia have also announced that joining the pageant festivities will be actress Nadia Chan who previously appeared on reality show “跨界歌王International King of Singers”, celebrity Bob Lam as MC and performer at the event,  and a number of other mystery guests.

Tickets for the finals will be on sale at TVB Australia Carnival on the 3rd of September at Burwood Park in Sydney.

Twelve beautiful finalists from all around Australia are in the running for the crown, including some hailing from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide.

The talented beauties have already completed their styling and photo shoots, revealing their fashionable and youthful energies, with all feeling confident in their performance on the pageant day itself.

For the enjoyment of the audiences, all involved in the production of this year’s show have put extra effort into the stage design, sound and lights quality, performance production to do even better than in previous years, so be prepared for an evening full of surprises and beautiful visuals!




List of contestants in the 2016 Miss Australia Chinese Pageant finals:

1. Chen Wang Yu/Veronica Chen (Melbourne)
2. Hao Yun Qing/Evelyn Hao (Sydney)
3. Jiang Zhijun/Elizabeth Keong (Brisbane)
4. Liang Zhixin/Jenny Leung (Sydney)
5. Luo Tingting/Jasmine Luo (Adelaide)
6. Ma Chen/Krystal Ma (Brisbane)
7. Wang Fei/Sophie Porter (Perth)
8. Yu Rong/Gloria Rong (Melbourne)
9. Tong Tian Tian/Tina Tong (Sydney)
10. Yu Xiaowei/Jocelyn Yee (Melbourne)
11. Yu Xinhui/Emily Yu (Sydney)
12. Zhang Tongqi/Daisy Zhang (Sydney)

For information on purchasing tickets for the finals, please call (02)82816800 or email For more info please visit