The Miss Australia Chinese Pageant hosted by TVB Australia has kicked off, with participants coming from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

The Miss Australia Chinese Pageant activities started with a poolside meet and greet, the contestants pulled on their best swimming costumes and headed to the pool at the Primus Hotel in Sydney, where under the bright sunny skies all 12 contestants introduced themselves to the media and expressed their confidence at their performance in the competition.


The top twelve contestants are:

1. Chen Wang Yu/Veronica Chen (Melbourne)
2. Hao Yun Qing/Evelyn Hao (Sydney)
3. Jiang Zhijun/Elizabeth Keong (Brisbane)
4. Liang Zhixin/Jenny Leung (Sydney)
5. Luo Tingting/Jasmine Luo (Adelaide)
6. Ma Chen/Krystal Ma (Brisbane)
7. Wang Fei/Sophie Porter (Perth)
8. Yu Rong/Gloria Rong (Melbourne)
9. Tong Tian Tian/Tina Tong (Sydney)
10. Yu Xiaowei/Jocelyn Yee (Melbourne)
11. Yu Xinhui/Emily Yu (Sydney)
12. Zhang Tongqi/Daisy Zhang (Sydney).



Prior to the event, the girls have already appeared at several charity events to give back to the community in Melbourne. After the poolside meet and greet, they will begin undergoing training and attend more events in Sydney to ready themselves for appearance on the stage at the finals in Sydney.


With these twelve beautiful yet kind girls taking to the stage on the 5th of October at the Star Event Centre, who would want to miss out? The finals in Sydney will also feature performances and/or appearances by TVB personalities Nadia Chan, Leon Lee and Bob Lam who will also MC the event.

For information on purchasing tickets for the finals, please call (02)82816800 or email marketing@tvb.com.au. For more info please visit www.tvb.com.au/macp.