K-Pop supergroup and worldwide phenomenon, MONSTA X, stage a worldwide comeback with the release of their new album FOLLOW: FIND YOU, out today.

After a slew of teasers on social media, the group has released their highly anticipated Music Video for ‘Follow’. Prior to this release, MONSTA X also dropped a video for the accompanying title track, ‘Find You’.

The MV for ‘Find You’ flashes back to clips from previous music videos namely ‘Dramarama’, ‘Destroyer’, ‘Shoot Out’ and ‘Alligator’, further showcasing the fluidity of the MONSTA X storyline. 

FOLLOW: FIND YOU continues to embody MONSTA X’s identity as a group. As they have seamlessly connected messages for each album release, their philosophy and story of ‘Finding Hope in Loss and Wander’ is valid again, singing a story that connects with the groups previous work, and that “he is not alone through the process of understanding each other”.

Two of the title tracks, ‘Find You’ and ‘Follow’ are two representative axes of the MONSTA X style. Efficient composition focused on excellent scripts, increases the immersion of the record. The song ‘Find You’ which penetrates Monsta X’s view of the world, has transcended the bonds of members connected across time and space.