This week’s episode of MMLFromHome will feature Lil J (Malaysia) and Aisyah Aziz (Singapore).

Supported by the Singapore Tourism Board, as well as the vision and support of superstar rock band Simple Plan, Music Matters is now expanding and shining a spotlight on artists in the Asia Pacific region.

Lil J is a 21 year old rapper, produced, and song writer from Kuala Lumper. Lil J found his passion for rapping and writing songs at the age of 14, inspired by the likes of Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, and his family.

Lil J was discovered by Joe Flizzow aka The President and was given an opportunity to perform on the much talked about 16 Baris hip-hop programme.

Aisyah Aziz was propelled into the music industry when she finished 6th place in Akademi Fantasia Season 10, one of Malaysia’s top rated reality TV shows. Since then, she has released 7 singles while actively performing in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. Her voice has been said to be sultry yet confident and her ability to switch from full voice to head voice is soul touching. Although Aisyah’s music is categorised as pop, she has been delving into more alternative R&B while experimenting with ethnic melodies and electronic sounds.

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