Releasing his world tour poster, dance king of the Mandarin music world Show Lo is depicted as a reborn robot in a new and refreshing look for the dapper singer.

The theme for his world tour will be a simulation of a world where we are trapped in complete automation.

In order to bring a little reality to this world tour’s fantastical theme, 5 industrial robotic arms will be shipped in for Show’s concert.

The singer who is also known for his musical abilities on the drums and fresh dance moves has also taken on the role of assistant director for the concert tour.

Lo first caught the directing bug when he appeared in Stephen Chow’s latest blockbuster eco-thriller flick “The Mermaid” as an octopus, and began to learn about the art of directing from Chow’s influence.

Show says that one day, he himself hopes to be able to direct movies, but will first start small as the assistant director for his concert tour.

The tour will kick off in Shanghai on the 23rd of April, and will be reaching Taiwan by mid-2016. When will he be coming to Australia, I wonder? Soon I hope!

While waiting patiently, check out one of the single’s from his latest album “Reality Show” called “Let Go”: