It has been over five years since Taiwanese artist Nana Lee released her debut album; and in the process she has continuously gained influence with her acting props, starring in dramas such as Ex-Boyfriend and Youth Power and several cinematic works too.

However, she has finally released her third album titled Be Honest on the 22nd of April, a piece of work themed with the idea of practicing to speak the truth.

Likening her first album Lee Chien Na to an introduction to her personality, and her second Love Has Reached Its Stop to a feeling of happiness; this third album is seen to be an insight into Nana’s most straightforward and vulnerable side.

Nana has expressed that in her daily life, she is instead a simple, straightforward girl who doesn’t mess around. While holding a little tomboyishness, she is also gentle and persistent.

This is why she is always unafraid to speak the truth, and loving with the practice of truth is how one gains freedom in love.

Working with many up and coming and seasoned players to the industry such as Adia and Wu Bai, Lee was able to try a mix of many different styles she had not been exposed to before, such as Rock.

Be Honest

Nana Lee also worked with friend and singer-songwriter Dawen Wang on her Taiwanese-language single “最愛的人The Person I Love The Most”, where Wang specifically learned how to sing in Taiwanese for the duet.

Furthermore, she has been praised not only on her singing, but also her acting props in her first single “Be Honest” where she plays a woman who is being cheated on by her boyfriend with her best friend. A overdone storyline, but one that has been given a whole new meaning by Nana’s acting.

Check out her first single “Be Honest” below: