Fans are cheering and experts are praising Korean band Nell’s long-waited new album C.

The Korean band Nell released their new album ‘C’ on the 19th August. It’s already been 2 years since their last album Newton’s Apple, and it only makes sense for the long-awaited album to gain positive reviews in various music sites. The album has received reviews close of perfect score in each chart as if to reflect the album quality.

Listeners who have gone through all 11 tracks stated “It’s such an honour to listen to the sound of the band Nell. What is even more thankful is that such sound can be heard from a national band”.

“It was surprising even from the 1st track, but as the track goes on there is more to be amazed. The entire album is like a movie”.

“Nell’s music always has the power to heal people’s mind. The sound of the band’s hard work can be heard in the music, and this album especially was produced with the best sound”.

The praise for the album goes on, and Nell’s review space is full of positive comments who are endlessly praising the quality of their music.

Also, other musicians such as Tablo and CNBlue’s Kang Min Hyuk expressed their affection for Nell’s album on Twitter saying “Trust Nell for their song!” and “On my way to buy the album to listen to the hidden track!”

Nell’s entertainment agency Space Bohemian explained “Nell’s album does not provide additional song explanations. So the fans and listeners’ objective and straight-forward reviews become explanations for Nell’s music.”

The first concert for this album occurs as a solo concert on the 3rd and 4th of September at Yes24 Live Hall.