Hey Asian Drama fans! Remember how Hollywood has been trying to adapt a handful of beloved Korean dramas for U.S. audiences, but has yet to materialize anything? (Nine, Reply 1997, Good Doctor* and My Love from the Star were all optioned by major TV networks and then quickly became locked in Development Hell where they’ve been languishing for a few years now.)

And remember how Hollywood is really fond of whitewashing Asians (and other people of color) out of popular entertainment? (See, most recently, Dr. Strange, Ghost in the Shell, and Netflix’s Iron Fist.)

So while fans of the K-dramas might be a little excited to see an Americanized version of a favorite show, fans have many reasons to be skeptical -if not terrified- of this Americanisation.

If you count yourself as one of those skeptics, entertainment studio New Form might have something that will interest you! They just dropped a full length pilot for an original drama called Good Face.

Check out the synopsis below and then follow that link above to watch the full pilot on YouTube!

GOOD FACE (Pilot from New Form)
Created by: Helen Krieger and Lina Suh

Clara, a young Korean-American doctor’s assistant with dreams of being an artist, has a secret that would shame her strict, traditional parents: she has a white boyfriend…and she’s living with him. When one fateful night brings the different pieces of her life into conflict, she must confront her unsettled identity to have any hope of reconciling herself and her two lives…

While maybe we shouldn’t expect South Korean Magic Realism, it does look like we can expect honest conversations about bi-cultural identity from an Asian perspective — and that’s something that is grossly lacking from mainstream entertainment coming out of the U.S.

In January 2017 Deadline announced that ABC has ordered a pilot for Good Doctor (and it looks like the project has at least three Asian-American men on the production team)…so that’s something to keep an eye on…