Radically redefining old Korean sounds, alt-electronic duo Haepaary is setting out to shake up the international music scene with their first EP, Born by Gorgeousness.

Born By Gorgeousness consists of five tracks. The title track, ‘Born By Irreproachable Gorgeousness’, encapsulates the radical ambiguity of their music, starting with a strong bass that builds a mysterious tension, capturing the enigma of materiality and gender, and reappropriating the original structure of Jongmyojeryeak, royal shrine music from the Joseon dynasty.

Haepaary’s music has many names: alternative techno, ambient, dream pop, or even alternative ritual music. Throughout the album, Haepaary bends traditional Korean genres, including Jongmyojeryeak and Namchang Gagok, a vocal genre previously performed exclusively by men. The tracks brilliantly disentangle the rigid formality and discipline of Confucian music, rearticulating the old through rave and trance. It is a new ritualistic universe that is heavy but light, strict but free, restrained but inviting dance – a universe of contradictory desires. 

Listen to the album on Spotify, below.

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