Singaporean indie-folk singer-songwriter, Amanda Ong has released her latest single ‘Leave Me Alone’.

The single steps into a lonely inner-world, lending a voice to the ebb and flow of a personal internal struggle. Ong’s smooth vocals cut straight to the heart with lyrics that are earnest and unfiltered, in an attempt to soothe an underlying emotional tug-of-war amidst overwhelming feelings of isolation and dejection.

“Songwriting is by far the most productive way to deal with the lower points in my life,” Ong describes, detailing the creative process of turning her negative emotions into positive outcomes.

The song touches on “feeling nothing and yet everything at the same time”, exploring the ambiguous and complex emotions that a lot of us struggle to untangle. By channeling her thoughts onto the canvas of her music, Amanda Ong allows herself to find clarity through song.

In line with the release of ‘Leave Me Alone’, Amanda Ong will be releasing a series of television and movie memes across her social media channels, where characters are seen to mouth the title of the song.

An accompanying lyric video will be uploaded on the 10th of March 2021.

‘Leave Me Alone’ is now available on all major digital service providers.