Japanese masked production duo AmPm have released their third track in a series of dance tunes based on cities around the world – ‘Jakarta’.

‘Jakarta’ is the third track in a series that began in March 2021 with the release of ‘Tokyo’, quickly followed by ‘New York’; each song presents an international musical journey to cities with which AmPm feel a strong personal connection.

“As the place where we held our first live performance, Jakarta holds many special memories for us. The city is home to people from many different backgrounds, and it has a unique culture. As a very fast-growing city, it has a distinctive character, and it is one of our favourite cities. We aimed to express our image of Jakarta and the vibe we felt there as a dance track,” AmPM tells us, speaking on the new song.

“This track also includes some first-time attempts for us, such as incorporating the sound of traditional folk instruments, so we hope you will listen to it and experience the journey within your ears.”

Listen to ‘Jakarta’ on Spotify, below!

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