Last month, Filipina neo-soul star August Wahh launched Tapes from Vivid, a personal digital diary that gave the world a glimpse into her new music and hinted at international collaborations.

‘Hue’, a vividly whimsical track with London-based producer Subculture, is the first release off of this upcoming EP. 

Like a monologue decked out in sonic vibrance, ‘Hue’ comes as a swirl of sweet emotions from self-completion – and the complementary love that that inevitably attracts. 

It speaks of the excitement that comes with making space for another, and accepting someone for all of what they are, for “all their shades and hues.” The melodies rise and fall, like an inhale followed by the exhale, while August finds herself in the bliss between balancing boundaries and letting your guard down. 

The 3-track EP will be out soon and will feature more exciting collaborators, heard as the mysterious voices on the Tapes.

Hue’ is out on all major streaming platforms.

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