South Korean Rapper, Singer-Songwriter, and Record Producer, B.I, has teamed up with Indonesian Artist, Afgan, and Manchester-based Electronic Artist, Bipolar Sunshine. Together, the trio have released ‘Lost At Sea (Illa Illa 2)’, a fusion of cultures that effortlessly combines their unique talents into one track.

“I wrote the song wishing that it could provide comfort to those that listen to it,” explains B.I, talking about the track. “Everyone has their own struggles whether it be with relationships, work, family, loneliness; as much as it can seem difficult at the time, there is a beach in the distance. To remember that every chapter that closes just means that a new chapter is about to begin.” 

Collaborator Afgan tells us, “I just feel so honoured that I got to be a part of this track. I love the song and I think it was beautifully written. The lyrics are very deep and vulnerable and I think it’s important for us to show vulnerability sometimes because it can bring out the strengths that we didn’t know we have as a human being. For me, I personally think B.I and Bipolar Sunshine both are such great artists. I respect their artistry. I respect their talent and I’m so happy I got to be a part of this song. I can’t wait for everybody to hear this collaboration. I think it’s gonna be really dope. I hope you like it.” 

The original version of ‘Illa Illa’ was part of B.I’s first full-length studio album WATERFALL, released back in June.

Listen to the remix on Spotify, below.

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